Sunday, September 24, 2017

Mr Sizzles - Guac-ing Dead

Truck: Mr. Sizzles
Location: Baileson Brewing Company, 2322 Bissonnet Street Houston, TX
Date: September 23, 2017

Mr. Sizzles was one of the first trucks I ever reviewed for this blog back in 2013. Back then their menu featured stuffed burgers. They were good but because they take longer to cook and more meat I'm guessing they were a problem to cook fast.  The menu has now changed to doubles and singles with big flavor toppings.

Guac-ing Dead burger
Guac-ing Dead - (single) $10 (double) $13

Loaded with fresh guacamole that tames the jalapenos. Blue cheese crumbles brighten up what could be a lot of "soft" flavors. Honestly I didn't even notice the spicy ranch dressing. The bun was a nicely toasted brioche bun. Fresh lettuce and tomato complete the ensemble. Synopsis: A solid fresh burger.

Clutch City Fries
Clutch City Fries - $10

More a meal than a side. Fries topped with a chopped burger patty, crispy bacon, pickled jalapenos, Monterrey Jack and Cheddar cheese, guacamole, and ranch dressing. Its a good combination but eat it fast, the cheese turns hard fast and is less appealing. This is easily a meal, a big meal. I guess the one thing i would change is making a cheese sauce instead of melting cheese. I think it would be nicer towards the end of the meal instead of hard cheese. Or return to its Houston roots and add queso, we do love our queso in Clutch City. Synopsis: Eat'em while they're hot.


  1. mouth watering and now i'm feeling tempted to have a burger and those hugely loaded fries anybody feel the same or is it just me.

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