Friday, April 24, 2015

Fat Wagon - Thai Chicken Rice Bowl

Fat Wagon Food Truck Houston Texas
Truck: Fat Wagon
Location: 1311 Leeland, Houston Food Park
Date: April 24, 2015

Fat Wagon Food Truck Thai Chicken Bowl, marinated grilled chicken with fresh herds and pickled carrots
Thai Chicken Rice Bowl - $8

Marinated chicken grilled well. Serviced over nice sticky rice with pickled carrots, basil leaves, clintro, and pickled Serrano peppers I think.  The chicken is moist and tender. The pickles give some nice acid to the dish. I guess my one complaint is I think the basil should have been shredded to spread it out some, the big leaves are a little hard to eat. Its a good size hearty dish though. Synopsis: Classic tasty rice bowl.

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  1. This is not that far from my place so I think I will go ahead and try them out. The rice look delicious and the price isn't that high too I must say.