Friday, April 24, 2015

Fat Wagon - Thai Chicken Rice Bowl

Fat Wagon Food Truck Houston Texas
Truck: Fat Wagon
Location: 1311 Leeland, Houston Food Park
Date: April 24, 2015

Fat Wagon Food Truck Thai Chicken Bowl, marinated grilled chicken with fresh herds and pickled carrots
Thai Chicken Rice Bowl - $8

Marinated chicken grilled well. Serviced over nice sticky rice with pickled carrots, basil leaves, clintro, and pickled Serrano peppers I think.  The chicken is moist and tender. The pickles give some nice acid to the dish. I guess my one complaint is I think the basil should have been shredded to spread it out some, the big leaves are a little hard to eat. Its a good size hearty dish though. Synopsis: Classic tasty rice bowl.

Fat Wagon Food Truck Houston Texas Menu

Casian King - Korean BBQ Poboy

Casian King Food Truck, Houston Texas
Truck: Casian King
Location: 1311 Leeland, Houston Food Park
Date: 4/24/2015

Casian King Food Truck Korean BBQ Poboy, Korean BBQ Beef with slaw and drizzled with Casian mauoi and green onions
Korean BBQ Poboy - $9

Don't let the picture fool you, this is a very good looking sandwich I just managed to dump it out as I was getting ready to take the picture! The sandwich is served on a split Texas Toast kind of roll. Extra yummy and surely bad for you. Loaded down with lots of sweet sticky Korean BBQ. A sweet coleslaw provides some krunchy texture. Drizzled with a house mayo that I could not tell much about. The sandwich is a messy delite to eat, get extra napkins. This sandwich is kinda what I think the fusion food truck movement is all about, putting two things together so they are greater than the sum of their parts. Synopsis: Cajun Asian fusion at its best.

Casian King Food Truck, Houston Texas Menu

Casian King Food Truck, Houston Texas Menu

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Lunchbox - The Lunchbox Burrito

The Lunchbox Food Truck Houston Texas
Truck: The Lunchbox
Location: Houston Food Park, 1311 Leeland
Date: April 23, 2015

The Lunchbox Food Truck Houston Texas - Lunchbox Burrito, south Indian style chicken with potatoes, chutney, and pico de gallo
The Lunchbox Burrito - $8

The Lunchbox has quite the eclectic menu. Bagel breakfast sandwiches, Indian fusion dishes and classic sandwiches made with bagels. The Lunchbox Burrito is made with southern Indian style chicken, potatoes, homemade chutney, and pico de gallo. I was asked how hot I wanted it and went for medium. It was plenty hot, I would imagine extra hot would ignite spontaneously. The chicken filling and potatoes was just great Indian food, I could see eating this with dosa. It was also perfect in a nice fresh and crisped tortilla. It was a wall of great flavors and textures. Synopsis: I will be getting this again.

The Lunchbox Food Truck Houston Texas Menu

The Lunchbox Food Truck Houston Texas Menu

Friday, April 3, 2015

Cheezy Rider - The Copper Penny

Cheezy Rider Food Truck Houston, TX
Truck: Cheezy Rider
Location: Houston Food Park, 1311 Leeland
Date: April 3, 2015

Cheezy Rider Food Truck - The Copper Penny, grilled Challah, cheese, ham, bacon, tomatoes, and chipotle honey mustard
The Copper Penny - $10

Cheezy Rider has only been in business a couple of weeks. Today was the first chance I've had to try them. No one would be shocked to find that Cheezy Rider is a grilled cheese sandwich truck. Grilled cheese works well on a truck but your menu needs to have some imagination to stand out. Cheezy Riders is interesting, including the oh so tempting Sandwich of Fate. Today I decided to go with one of the their best sellers though and opted for the Copper Penny. A five cheese blend (the menu doesn't tell what's in the blend), ham, bacon, tomatoes, and a chipotle honey mustard. It normally comes on sourdough, but today they were out and asked if Challah would be ok. I like when I get asked if a substitution is ok, not all trucks do that. The sandwich looks like its grilled on a panini press. I like the grill marks. This sandwich is much more subtle than you'd think. The Chipotle mayo is mild and doesn't overpower. The rest of the sandwich works together too. Nothing sticks out though, I'd kinda like something bold here, like some fresh herbs. I liked the sandwich and if I was craving a grilled cheese I think I'd pick this again. Synopsis: A Penny for my thought? Yes I say.

I think Cheezy Rider will have some menu revisions as they iron things out. For example the menu suggests I build my own, but none of the bread or available ingredients are listed? I'd  also like to know what's in the five cheese blend anyway?

Cheezy Rider Food Truck Menu

The Toasted - The Rasta

The Toasted Food Truck Houston TX
Truck: The Toasted
Location: Houston Food Park, 1311 Leeland
Date: April 3, 2015

The Toasted , The Rasta Sandwich, peanut butter, plantains, and bacon
The Rasta - $6

This is not an intuitively delicious sandwich. A grilled sandwich with peanut butter, fried plantains, and bacon. An option is to add caramel sauce. Like I said this isn't intuitively delicious, but think about the ingredients. Bacon works great with sweet. Plantains are sweet and savory. Peanut butter is a switch hitter and has a place in both worlds. This combination just works. I could eat this any time of the day actually. The plantains are perfectly done. That's where this sandwich could fail, but both times I have had it they were spot on. This is also a case where bacon could be too much of a good thing. Here its used perfectly, just the right amount I think. Synopsis: You won't need herbal stimulants to crave this sandwich!

The Toast Houston Food Truck, Menu