Thursday, March 12, 2015

Eatsie Boys - Frank the Pretzel

Eatsie Boys Food Truck Houston, TX
Truck: Eatsie Boys
Location: University of Houston
Date: March 12, 2015

Its a rainy day at UH and I'm hungry. I strolled over to the UH Food Truck Pad (sounds like something with shag carpet and a lava lamp!), and saw that Eatsie Boys were there. I was pretty hard on them last time I tried them and decided it was time to give them a second chance.

Eatsie Boys Frank the Pretzel - Chicken Poblano Sausage with onions and Chardonnay Mustard on a pretzel bun
Frank the Pretzel - $7

A chicken poblano sausage, sweet caramelized onions and Chardonnay mustard on a soft pretzel bun. Who doesn't like pretzel buns? Chicken sausage is a tricky animal. Chicken is so lean its a challenge to make a sausage that isn't dry. This one came off well though, nicely juicy and the casing had that "snap" you want on a good sausage. The poblano was diced pretty fine, but you could taste it so cudos there. The sausage also had a nice char on it I guess from finishing it on the grill. The Chardonnay mustard is a whole grain mustard, my preference in mustard. Not very hot, I'm guessing the Chardonnay is Chardonnay vinegar, I could taste a little vinegar tang to it. A good choice for a delicate flavor like this sausage. Synopsis: Well done variation on the classic hotdog.

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