Friday, October 31, 2014

D'Lish Curbside Bistro - Truffle, Garlic and Herbs Poutine

D'Lish Curbside Bistro Food Truck, Houston TX
Truck: D'Lish Curbside Bistro
Location: Houston Food Park, 1504 St Emanuel
Date: October 31, 2014

D'Lish Curbside Bistro Food Truck, Truffle, Garlic and Herbs Poutine with Grated Parmesan
Truffle, Garlic and herbs Poutine with Grated Parmesan - $8

Let me get something off my chest, this is not a poutine. Poutine is a Canadian dish classically made with brown gravy and cheese curds. These are really truffle fries. Now that is out of the way, I have to say these are some great truffle fries. The fries are tossed in truffle oil, and a signature cilantro, garlic and thyme butter.  Top with lots of grated Parmesan cheese and serve with a side of some super garlicy garlic aioli.  I would normally turn my nose up a little at the crinkle cut food service fries, but here I think they are the perfect thing. The surface of the crinkle fries lets more of the tasty toppings adhere. I think the herb butter is a great idea too. Other truffle fries I've had have trouble with the Parmesan sticking, I guess truffle oil isn't all that sticky, but the butter holds on to the cheese and herbs. The lot stays crispy too and doesn't get soggy (which is a problem with real poutine). Synopsis: Love'em, just don't call them a poutine.

D'Lish Curbside Bistro Food Truck, Menu

D'Lish Curbside Bistro - Smoked Gouda Lobster Burger

D'Lish Food Truck, Houston TX
Truck: D'Lish Curbside Bistro
Location Houston Food Park, 1504 St Emanuel
Date: October 31, 2014

D'Lish Food Truck, Smoked Gouda and Lobster Burger
Smoked Gouda and Lobster Burger - $12

Wow, just wow is my immediate comment after tasting this burger. Start with a great beef patty cooked medium in my case. Serve it between a great egg knot bun (I'd call this a brioche bun, but ok). So far so good. A great burger starts with a great foundation. Top that with smoked Gouda sauce, garlic aioli, jalapeno ranch, asiago and Romano cheeses. That's great you say but not good enough. Ok lets put a big serving of lobster on that! Now you're talking something over the top. The lobster was plentiful and perfectly cooked. This isn't just a token amount of lobster, it becomes largest portion in your mouth in most bites, so you taste a lot of lobster.  I have to say, while you have a very flavorful list of ingredients this is done with finesse and I could actually pick out each ingredient in the crowd. Nothing overpowered the group. If you are into exotic over the top burgers, I have to rate this as a must try burger. Synopsis: This could be my new favorite burger in Houston!

D'Lish Food Truck, Houston TX Menu

Friday, October 24, 2014

Flip'n Patties - Brekpas Burger

Flip'n Patties Food Truck Houston TX
Truck: Flip'n Patties
Location: University of Houston
Date: 10/24/2014

Flip'n Patties Food Truck Brekpas Burger
Brekpas Burger Meal - $12

A 1/3 pound marinated grass feed burger patty. Load it up with fried Spam, a fried egg, caramelized onions, and the signature FnP aioli. Let's break it down. A great burger and cooked well. The fried Spam works like bacon and adds a salty element. The egg works like a sauce and makes it very rich. Judging from the color of the aioli I was just going to dismiss it as Siracha and mayo, but there is a sweetness here so I suspect there is more going on than meets the eye in the aioli. I misspoke, the real signature here is the Steamed Bun. These unique as far as I've seen pale buns look a bit odd, but they are some of the best buns I've ever laid my hands on. I was stuffed after this burger too. Who needs a salad when a burger is this well put together. Synopsis: I like big buns and I can not lie...

Flip'n Patties Food Truck Fries

The meal comes with FnP's mighty fries. I'm not sure how FnP gets these monster's so crisp. These behemoths are about a half inch in cross section. FnP gets them crispy and the inside is almost creamy at the same time. They are finished with sea or flake salt. Really some signature fries. Synopsis: I'll got out of my way for these.

Flip'n Patties Food Truck Menu

Lone Star Samwiches - Deep in the Heart of Dhaka

Lone Star Samwiches, Food Truck Houston, TX
Truck: Lone Star Samwiches
Location: Camden Midtown
Date: 10/22/2014

Lone Star Samwiches, Food Truck Deep in Heart of Dhaka
Deep in the Heart of Dhaka - $8

A great big'ol fresh bollilo roll loaded with East Indian spices. Banglaeshi food can be quit spicy and I wasn't disappointed with this. I took a taste of the butter tender beef and it lit me up right away. Fortunately this is a well balanced sandwich the cucumber guacamole cools things down a bit. The nicely toasted and fresh roll was also a treat. Not a lot of ingredients here, but the depth of flavors in the beef give this sandwich a lot of complexity. Synopsis: It left me with a warm feeling all night.

Lone Star Samwiches, Food Truck Menu

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Eastie Boys - Hamburghini and French Fried Potatoes

Eastie Boys Food Truck Houston TX
Truck: Eatsie Boys
Location: University of Houston Pad 1, 4800 Calhoun
Date: October 14, 2014

I've been trying to catch up with the Eatsie Boys for months. I would go to a location they were supposed to be at and they were never there. Today I was just walking across the UH campus and there was a golden truck! Seriously it was a golden truck! After so long I was finally able to try them and was frankly disappointed.

Eastie Boys Food Truck Houston TX HamburghiniHamburghini  - $10

A beef patty, cooked medium rare. I don't have a problem with it, but if you're a cautious person I would ask for it to be cooked to your preferred state. The medium rare might have been because of the lunch rush. Anyway, on to the rest of the burger. It came decked out with lots of feta, fresh arugula, and cucumbers. It was supposed to be topped with an over easy egg, but I didn't get one on my burger! I could see two flats of eggs in the window so I know they weren't out? Soy vinaigrette is listed on the menu as dressing the arugula, but mine was dry. Lets see, under cooked patty, missing egg, missing vinaigrette, that makes 3 strikes in my book. I'm sad because Eatsie Boys is one of the most lauded foodie venues in town, and this was flat out terrible execution. I'll give them another try, but I'm a little bummed by this meal. Synopsis: Some days aren't just not an Eastie Boys day.

Eastie Boys Food Truck Houston TX French Fried Potatoes
French Fried Potatoes - $3

At first I wasn't going to write these up because at first glance they just looked like standard food service fries, but there is more going on here. The potatoes are coated with what I'm guessing is potato starch so they get extra crispy. I noticed the salt right away and was trying to put my finger on what was different. When I got to the bottom I noticed that it was "finished" with flake salt. Flake salt has fewer impurities so it tastes saltier and its a little crunchy. I liked the effect on the fries and for something very simple made these stand out. Synopsis: Simple done well.

Eastie Boys Food Truck Houston TX Menu