Monday, July 7, 2014

Sticky's Chicken - Sticky's Chicken Over Rice

Truck: Sticky's Chicken
Location: Fort Bend Brewing Co.
Date: July 5, 2014

I love trying a new truck and its taken me way too long to get around to trying Sticky's Chicken. I'm hoping I caught them on a bad day but my first impression wasn't good from a service stand point. I could see 4 tickets up when I ordered. By the time I got my order I had seen 3 people get incorrect orders and then my wife's order came out wrong. That and a mini meltdown of the staff yelling at each other in the truck wasn't a good first impression.

Sticky's Chicken over Rice - $8.00

Sauteed chicken (boneless thighs I think) over garlic rice topped with Sticky's sauce and cilantro aioli. A pretty simple dish really. The sticky's sauce is sweet and not spicy. I think a version with a little heat would go over very well. The chicken is tender and cooked right. I liked the rice a lot and would have happily eaten twice as much. I'm not complaining about the portion size, I just love good rice! The cilantro aioli seems to be just mayonnaise with a little bit of cilantro in it. I really didn't get any cilantro taste from it. I can't fault this dish, but it just lacks a bold punch I want to find in it somewhere. There is a place for it, not everyone is a heat head or wants in your face cilantro, but I am and do! If I were to order it again, I would get the egg on it ($1) and ask them to load it with black pepper. Synopsis: A good choice when you want to play it safe.

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