Friday, April 11, 2014

The Pink Box - Beef Fajita Pink Taco

The Pink Box Food Truck Houston, TX
Truck: The Pink Box
Location: Midtown Food Park, 4002 Almeda Rd
Date: April 11, 2014

The Pink Box Food Truck Houston, TX Beef Fajita Pink Taco
Beef Fajita Pink Taco - $3

A pretty good size taco, loaded with tender beef fajita meat. Yes actual skirt steak! Its a pet peeve of mine when someone calls a meat fajita when its not skirt steak. The taco is made with a fresh flour pink taco. I'm guessing it was grilled when I ordered from the great crispy bits on it. The taco is topped with lettuce and tomato and a very good pico de gallo. There was just the perfect amount of lime juice in it to work with the great beef in this taco. Synopsis: Ignore the color, this is really one of the best tacos around.

The Pink Box Food Truck Houston, TX menu


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  3. We booked Pink Taco truck for a party and they contacted us before the party and said that a party bringing in more money would take our place. So, they dropped us and we were left without anything but a “I feel terrible.”

    So, please be warned that if you book them, cross your fingers that another, more lucrative event, doesn’t pop up because they will drop you, too!

    Very unprofessional. Do NOT recommend.