Sunday, March 23, 2014

Way Good Serva-Teria - Steak and Provolone Sandwich and Blue Cheese and Bacon Mac and Cheese Balls

Way Good Serva-Teria, Food Truck Houston TX
Truck: Way Good Serva-Teria
Location: W Alabama Ice House, 1919 W Alabama St
Date: March 22, 2014

Way Good Serva-Teria, Food Truck Houston TX Steak and Provolone Sandwich
Steak and Provolone Sandwich - $7

Classically prepared sliced sirloin with grilled peppers and onions. Meat was tender and very tasty. Lot of provolone cheese made for lots of strings. The sandwich was served on a fresh ciabatta roll. I think the ciabatta is a good variation on the classic cheesesteak. Synopsis: A great sandwich to have with a beer.

Sweet Potato Fries - $4

Thick cut fries that come out surprisingly light and crispy. The fries stayed crisp until the last one, not something you usually get with sweet potato fries, they usually get soggy, especially when this thick. Synopsis: just great fries.

Way Good Serva-Teria, Food Truck Houston TX Blue Cheese and Bacon Mac and Cheese Balls
Blue Cheese and Bacon Mac and Cheese Balls - $5

You get two enormous tennis ball size mac and cheese balls. A good crispy outside, probably from a panko coating. The blue cheese taste is bold and up front, but despite being able to see the bacon, the bacon flavor didn't standout. Marinara sauce comes on the side and I was taken back to my childhood when I dipped the cheese ball in it. The taste was exactly SpaghettiO's! Synopsis: Good on their own, but the SpaghettiOs wayback effect was a hoot.

Way Good Serva-Teria, Food Truck Houston TX Specials Menu

Way Good Serva-Teria, Food Truck Houston TX Menu

Binghiman Jerk - Jerk Chicken

Binghiman Jerk, Food Truck Houston TX
Truck: Binghiman Jerk
Location: Houston Food Park, 1504 St Emanuel
Date: March 22, 2013

Binghiman Jerk, Food Truck Houston TX Jerk Chicken and Steamed Cabbage
Jerk Chicken with Steamed Cabbage - $11

The basic Jerk Chicken plate is $10 and I added a side of steamed cabbage for a $1. You get a 2 leg quarters cooked over either wood or charcoal I believe from the flavor. The chicken is only lightly marinated or rubbed with the jerk spice so it is much milder than most jerks. For you heat heads though the jerk sauce is served on the side and it is all you'd expect from a classic jerk, very hot and rich with lots of allspice and spices. The chicken was just perfect fall off the bone tender. It might have been the endorphin talking, but I couldn't stop dipping the chicken in the jerk sauce. The plantains were excellent, cooked till sweet and very caramelized. They were smokey tasting and I wonder if they are grilled or smoked as part of the process. I've never had plantains like this and would go back just for an order of them. Beans and rice come with the plate also and you get a generous portion of fluffy pinto beans and rice. The side of steamed cabbage was excellent. It came out very sweet, likely from the carrots cooked with it. Synopsis: Ya mon, a righteous plate of classic Jamaican food.

Binghiman Jerk, Food Truck Houston TX Menu

Foreign Policy Truck - Mexico Burger

Foreign Policy Truck, Food Truck Houston TX
Truck: Foreign Policy Truck
Location: Houston Food Park, 1504 St. Emanuel
Date: March 21, 2014

Foreign Policy Truck, Food Truck Houston TX Mexico Burger
Mexico Burger 

A huge burger with two patties. My previous burgers from Foreign Policy were made with thin strips of beef, this time it was a more traditional patty. The Mexico burger comes with grilled onions and peppers, mostly bell pepper but there must be something else in the mix because this burger does bring some heat. Top that with queso on a grilled and pressed bun. I think the flavors get very close to fajitas here. Its a bit of a messy burger, but what good burger isn't? Synopsis: Bringing on the heat and some big bold flavors to the classic burger.

Foreign Policy Truck, Food Truck Houston TX Menu

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Way Good Serva-Teria - Jalapeño Sausage Sandwich and Fried Risotto Balls

Way Good Serva-Teria Food Truck, Houston TX
Truck: Way Good Serva-Teria
Location: West Alabama Ice House, 1919 W Alabama St
Date: March 19, 2014

Way Good Serva-Teria replaced Papou Jerry's Gyro Truck as the "house truck" at West Alabama Ice House. Of course I had to try them. My first impression of the truck was very positive and I think they will be a truck to watch. They may even give Tacos Tierra Caliente across the street some competition. 

Way Good Serva-Teria Food Truck, Houston TX - Jalapeno Smoked-beef sausage sandwich
Jalapeño Smoked-Beef Sausage Sandwich - $7

Ok, I'm a bit baffled on how to review this sandwich. The menu says this sandwich comes with kraut, peppers, and onions on ciabatta. Well I got the kraut, peppers and onions, but no ciabatta. What it came on was a sesame hotdog bun. Mine also had a healthy amount of horse radish. I like horse radish, but a lot of people don't. It's a white board menu, you should keep it up to date. The sausage was a good sausage with a nice snap to it when you bit in, but unless these were the mildest jalapeños known to man this wasn't a jalapeño sausage. I did get just the right about of kraut and the peppers and onions were excellent. I did enjoy my sandwich, but if I had my heart set on jalapeño and ciabatta and didn't like horse radish I would have been very disappointed. Synopsis: This was like a classic spaghetti western, there was The good, The bad, and The ugly. 

Way Good Serva-Teria Food Truck, Houston TX - Fried Risotto Balls
Fried Risotto Balls - $5

The serving is two large deep fried balls, I'd call them the size of a racket ball. The risotto was a wild mushroom risotto with some truffle oil. Yummy fungus overload. Classically risotto is very liquid and you couldn't form it into balls. so Way Good must to something to firm it up. It doesn't suffer though in flavor and texture. I guess risotto, wild mushrooms and truffle oil isn't rich enough, fill the center of the ball with melted Fontina cheese. Fontina is one of the best melting cheeses and stays soft even when it cools some so the center was not like dairy lava, but something you could enjoy. I have to say, these are some of the best balls I've had (hehe I managed get 'balls' into the review 5 times). Synopsis: These are reason enough to come back to Way Good Serva-Teria.

Way Good Serva-Teria Food Truck, Houston TX - Specials Menu

Way Good Serva-Teria Food Truck, Houston TX - Menu

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Reigns - The Mexicana Burger

Reigns Food Truck Houston TX
Truck: Reigns
Location: Houston Food Park, 1504 St. Emanuel
Date: March 13, 2014

Reigns Food Truck Houston TX, The Mexicana Burger
The Mexicana - $9.50

A large, likely half pound, burger made from chorizo and beef. Topped with pickled  cabbage and and Anaheim chili aioli. The menu also lists chicharrones and avocado but honestly I just didn't find them on my burger. Enough with the negatives. The whole thing is served on good pretzel bun. The bun is an excellent choice for a burger this big, I think a conventional bun would just collapse. The patty is excellent and very lean, a surprise considering how greasy chorizo can be. Lot of good chorizo flavor but good burger structure from the beef. The pickled cabbage was excellent and something I would like on other burgers to tell the truth. The chili aioli gave the whole thing a nice fresh note. The burger doesn't really suffer from the missing ingredients. Synopsis: A great burger variation, I'll be back to try other specialty burgers on the menu. 

Reigns Food Truck Houston TX Menu

Blaze It Up! - Reggae Plate

Blaze it Up!, Food Truck Houston TX
Truck: Blaze It Up!
Location: Houston Food Park, 1504 St. Emanuel
Date: march 12, 2014

Blaze it Up! Houston TX, Reggae Plate with Jerk Chicken and Rice and Peas
Reggae Plate - $10

A large portion of the Caribbean classic jerk chicken, an generous portion of rice and peas, plantains, and bit of slaw on the side. I have to confess I've not had the chance to eat a lot of jerk chicken, but I think this is a pretty classic version. Jerk is a marinade made up primarily of allspice and scotch bonnet peppers. Blaze It Up is shy about the heat naturally and there is plenty of heat from the peppers. I could still taste the allspice though giving it that background taste I associate with the Caribbean. Rice and peas isn't made with English  peas, but with any available legume, pigeon peas being one of the classic combinations and where I would guess the dish gets its name from. This version had pinto beans. The beans are first cooked and then then rice is added to cook in the bean broth. Done wrong it's a gooey mess. Done well like this it's light and fluffy and delicious. The plantains were good, cooked till sweet and savory. The slaw was the weak spot here just some basic slaw and tomatoes on the side. Synopsis: Who cares about the slaw, you order this for the jerk chicken and rice and peas.

Blaze it Up!, Food Truck Houston TX menu

Friday, March 7, 2014

Pho-jita Fusion - Beef Pad Priking

Pho-jita Fusion, Houston Food Truck
Truck: Pho-jita Fusion
Location: Houston Food Park, 1504 St. Emanuel.
Date: March 7, 2014

Pho-jita Fusion, Beef Pad Priking (Phat phrik khing)
Beef Pad Priking - $10

Stir fried beef filet mignon with light red Thai curry, green beans and red bell peppers and kaffir lime on ginger rice topped with a fried egg. The dish is supposed to come with Thai long green beans but they were unavailable, but standard green bean were a reasonable substitute. Pho-jita dishes are usually a pun based on a classic dish and in this case the dish is a takeoff on Phat phrik khing, a classic dish where the curry is done with oil instead of coconut milk.  First off this is a very pretty dish, lots of color. The ginger rice is very good and my egg was done perfectly runny as requested. The beef was also perfect little tender nuggets. I like the heat level too, hot but not too hot to taste the ingredients. For me the best part was the sauce from the light curry and runny egg in the bottom mixed with the ginger rice. I'd eat a huge bowl of just that. Synopsis: A great rendition of a classic Thai dish, can't wait to taste it with yard long beans!

Pho-jita Fusion, menu new item

Pho-jita Fusion, menu