Friday, January 3, 2014

Soul Cat Cuisine - Flaming Funky Chicken and Mardi Gras Fries

Soul Cat Cuisine, Houston TX
Truck: Soul Cat Cuisine
Location: Houston Food Park, 1504 St. Emanuel
Date: January 3, 2014

Soul Cat Cuisine Flaming Funky ChickenFlaming Funky Chicken - $9

Oh My God! I should have known better from my previous experience with Soul Cat's Hot Mess. This Sandwich is hot, I mean lava hot, I mean Man vs. Food hot. I feel sweat running down my face as I write this. Ok I'll stop my moaning and groaning now. The mesquite grilled chicken breast was tender and moist, perfect for a sandwich. The sandwich is topped with melted Swiss cheese, delicious caramelized onions, and sweet grilled red pepper. Served on a nice french loaf. There is a lot to like about this sandwich, for me I just need a little less heat. Synopsis: If you can't take the heat, you need to get something else from this kitchen.

Soul Cat Cuisine Madri Gras Pommes Frites (Fries)
Mardi Gras Pommes Frites (Fries) - $7

Basic food service fries topped with Swiss cheese, more of those great caramelized grilled onions and red peppers, chopped grilled chicken and very good sweet and spicy sauce. I'm glad a took a few bites of the fries before the Flaming Funky Chicken. The sauce is spicy, but after the other sauce it seemed mild. This sauce is great and I may ask for it on the Funky Chicken sometime. I was amazed the fries never got really soggy like food service fries are apt to. Synopsis: Sweet, spicy, and savory.

Something very nice, Soul Cat has a $5 and under menu, check it out.

Soul Cat Cuisine $5 Menu


  1. Seems too scared to ask for $7 and doesn't taste his own food.

  2. ...He was rude to me. Abrasive attitude with my date. I felt weird retracting my money from his hand after he told us "You could go eat somewheres else."...You should never tell a person where to "Get"

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