Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Whole Foods Truck - Kenya Crepe and Beet Tots

Whole Foods Truck, Houston TX
Truck: Whole Foods Truck
Location: My Food Park, 800 Highway 6 South
Date: December 23, 2013
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WFMtruckHTX

Whole Foods Truck, Houston TX Kenya Crepe and Beet Tots
Kenya Crepe - $4

A crepe filled with sweet potatoes (yams) collard greens, githeri, tomatoes and onions. You can get a regular crepe or vegan crepe. Githeri is a Kenyan stew of beans and maize. Greens and potatoes are often added, so the fillings of this crepe make for a pretty traditional Kenyan meal. This was my first experience with githeri, but the flavors are good, very savory for a vegan dish. the crepe was classically thin and tender, not at all rubbery like an over cooked crepe. Synopsis: A tasty introduction to something exotic.

Beet Tots - $3

When I saw these I couldn't help blurting out "they look like Christmas turds". Beets are one of the popular super foods these days. If all you've ever had are pickled beets from a jar, you'll be surprised at how mild these taste. The brilliant beet red color goes through and through. I found them tasty, but texture-wise I think they are a bit dense. They are made by finally shredding the beets. I suspect a course grind like a classic tater tot would lighten them up some. Synopsis: Don't let the look turn you off, you should try these.

Whole Foods Truck, Houston TX Menu

Monday, December 23, 2013

Rock 'n' Sandwiches - Italian Sausage Sandwich and R'N'S Fries

Rock 'n' Sandwiches Houston, TX
Truck: Rock 'n' Sandwiches
Location: My Food Park, 800 Highway 6 South
Date: December 23, 2013
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RocknSandwiches

Rock 'n' Sandwiches Italian Sausage Sandwich
Italian Sausage Sandwich - $7

Plenty of grilled Italian Sausage, and best of all not especially greasy like much Italian sausage is. Sliced long-ways so a tough piece of casing doesn't cause a problem. A nice touch. Lots of grilled peppers and onions. Topped with signature "roll" sauce. To be honest the sauce never made an impression on me, good or bad. The bread is almost the best part of this sandwich. A good grilled hoagie roll, a nice crisp crust and a little "chew" to the bread. Good bread can make or break a sandwich, this makes it. Its nice when you take a bite and can taste each ingredient. There is nothing new and unique in this sandwich, just a really well executed classic. Getting 5 ingredients to add up this well is tough. Synopsis: This is a sandwich I'll go out of my way to have again.

Rock 'n' Sandwiches R'N'S Fries with Ribeye
R'N'S Fries with Ribeye - $8

Hand-cut fries and tossed with a house seasoning. When you're making loaded fries, food service fries don't cut it, so the hand-cut fries are what you need here. Topped with shredded mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, sauteed onions and both the house "Rock" and "Roll" Sauces. I think the "Rock" sauce is the green sauce, tasted like a creamy Serrano pepper sauce. It does give a little kick without being so hot you can't enjoy the food. Lots of tender grilled ribeye. The ribeye was very much like the ribeye I've had at famous cheesesteak joints in Philadelphia. Enough so I know I have to try Cheesesteak Sandwich next. The fries were cooked crispy enough that they stood up to the topping for a little while. Synopsis: Make a meal of these excellent loaded fries.

Rock 'n' Sandwiches Menu, Houston, TX

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Miso Yummy - Slaw-P Dog

Miso Yummy Food Truck, Houston TX
Truck: Miso Yummy
Location: Houston Food Park, 1504 St. Emanuel
Date: December 14, 2013
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MisoYummytruck

Miso Yummy - Slaw-P Dog
Slaw-P Dog - $8

A large beef dog topped with a very good sweet sesame slaw. Shredded cheese, Asian sauce, and the signature yummy sauce finish this dog. The unique spin on this dog is the bun. It's served on a baguette like a Bahn Mi sandwich. I think its a terrific idea, especially if you are getting it to go. Lets face it, the bread of a classic hot dog bun is basically Wonder Bread and a yawner. A classic baguette, now that's a bun with some chew to it. I got it to go and it was 15 minutes before I could dig in. Slaw is tough on a bun, but this was still flaky and crispy. The slaw was excellent on its own. Synopsis: An excellent spin on a classic.

Miso Yummy - Menu

Gastro Punk - Chicken Pot Pie and Jalapeño Poppers

Truck: Gastro Punk
Location: Houston Food Park, 1504 St Emanuel
Date: December 13, 2013
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GastroPunkTX

Chicken Pot Pie - $7

I had settled on one of the specials when I saw this on the menu. Something about chicken pot pie (CPP) on a cool dreary day that just works. This was kind of a deconstructed version of CPP. A bowl of great CPP filling. Lots of chicken, carrots, potatoes, and peas immediately jumped out at me. The gravy/sauce was perfect. Topped with a big piece of puff pastry to represent the crust. I think all the choices here were a smart way to make CPP into street food. The filling can be held hot until topping it with the crust keeps it perfectly crispy until you order it and you don't get a soggy crust. Did I mention how good the crust is dunked in the filling? Synopsis: Its hard to turn slow comfort food in to fast food this well done.

Jalapeno Poppers - $5

This is hard review to write. First the good news. These are without question the best jalapeno poppers I've ever had. You get two. Each is a large jalapeno stuffed with a cream cheese, corn, pepper, cilantro, and zucchini filling.The filling is a work of art. But wait it gets better. Instead of just breading and deep frying it, they are wrapped in puff pastry. That's a brilliant move. Its hard to make breading stick to so something like a jalapeno. Pastry solves that problem by being a complete envelope. It was like biting into a perfect turnover, but instead of apple filling you get a spicy cheesy surprise. I'm hoping this is something that stays on the menu. Heck I may go looking for them tonight. Now the bad:  mine were cold, really cold on one end. That said, even cold these were absolutely the best popper I've ever had. I would take them cold over any popper I've ever had. I've had a lot of food from Gastro Punk, I've every confidence that getting something cold is an isolated incident and I have no qualms about recommending these popper as the best in Houston. Synopsis: You must try these while they are off the menu.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Yummy'z Kitchen - Croissant Burger and Fresh Cut Fries

Yummy'Z Kitchen Houston Texas
Truck: Yummy'z Kitchen
Location: 1711 Westhiemer Rd
Date: December 11, 2013
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Yummyzkitchen

It's getting hard to find a truck in the Montrose these days in the evenings, all the trucks seems to be hanging out at the food parks. Fortunately for me, Yummy'z was at a new location Wednesday night.

Yummy'Z Kitchen Croissant Burger
Croissant Burger - $9.75

A giant 1/2 pound seasoned patty cooked when you order it. Topped with a generous amount of bacon and cheese. Lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and Yummy'z sauce finish the burger. Overall this is a high quality burger, big and tasty. The unique Yummy'z spin on this is the colossal toasted croissant used as a bun for this burger. A classic croissant is layered flaky pastry and doesn't usually have the structure to hold a big sandwich together. In this case the beef patty itself provides the backbone for the burger, then the croissant becomes the wrapper of the package. This is one of the better alternate burger buns I've tried. I like it and will have it again. Synopsis: Yummy'z makes a yummy burger big enough for two!

Yummy'Z Kitchen Fresh Cut Fries
Fresh Cut Fries - $2.50

Freshly cut fries cut from large potatoes and cut thin shoestring style. The thin cut is a good idea, they can be fried up and served hot and crispy by the order in a reasonable amount of time. Mine where hot and crispy, but they don't stay crispy very long. I don't think that's any fault of Yummy'z though, just the nature of a fresh natural fry. They are some of the better fries I've had lately. Synopsis: eat'em while they're hot!

Yummy'Z Kitchen - Menu

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Katmania - Meat Lovers Crepe

Katmania Crepes, Houston TX
Truck: Katamania
Location: Houston Food Park, 1504 St. Emanuel
Date: December 4, 2013

Katmania Crepes Meat Lovers Crepe
Meat Lovers Crepe - $6.75

A large 16 inch crepe filled with lots of ham, bacon, and sausage. Cream cheese completes the filling. A little mayonnaise over top completes the presentation. I had this for dinner and a single crepe is enough for a light meal. The crepe was done perfectly, a perfect golden brown. My only complaint is this is Houston, we crave something edgier. Maybe chipotle mayo on top, or cilantro pecan pesto inside? Just some ideas for a way to make something "safe" into something on the edge. These crepes are technically very good, but wow me with something interesting on the inside. Synopsis: Crepes are not just for dessert.

Katmania Crepes Menu