Sunday, November 24, 2013

Koagie Hots - Po'Koagie

Koagie Hots Food Truck Houston Texas
Truck: Koagie Hots
Location: Karbach Brewing Company
Date: November 23, 2013

A note to readers and food trucks. This is my 97th review and my 100th review is coming up fast. Does anyone know or have a special coming up with week that would make a good 100th review? 

Koagie Hots - Po'Koagie
Po'Koagie - $8.50

Start with the recipe for a classic Philadelphia Cheesesteak Hoagie, but make it Korean style (Korean + Hoagie = Koagie), but swap out the traditional thin sliced ribeye for marinated pork and you get Po'Koagie. Options are provolone cheese or wiz (wiz short for Cheese Wiz, the unspeakable processed cheese sauce from Kraft). When it comes to cheesesteaks I'm a provolone man. The sandwich is topped off with grilled onions and spicy mayo. A good crusty bread is used. The sandwich is loaded with what I'm told is close to a half pound of meat, so it pays to use the fork Koagie Hots provides and enjoy some of the meat in its own before you try to close the monster. The meat is a good sweet spicy version of Korean BBQ. The spicy mayo is not wickedly spicy so you can still taste the other ingredients. The flavors of the sandwich are nicely balanced. While the bread is more crusty than a traditional cheesesteak roll, I think its a good choice here because you need a bread with a backbone to stand up to these messy ingredients. Synopsis: A great sandwich to enjoy with a cold beer on a blustery day like today!

Koagie Hots menu Houston, TX

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