Thursday, November 14, 2013

Gastro Punk - Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog and Chili Smoked Shrimp

Truck: Gastro Punk
Location: Memorial Wine Cellar, 7951 Katy Fwy
Date: November 13, 2013

Gastro Punk Chili Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog
Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog - $7

This dog starts with a very good hot dog wrapped in a thick slice of bacon. Deep fry that to cook the bacon and give the outside of the hot dog some color and a good "snap" when you bite it. Top that with some fresh home made relish and lots of good mustard. Just so to make sure that your meal starts with a good foundation grill the bun and give it some good grill marks. I see this as a take off on a classic Sonoran Hot Dog, but deep fried instead of grilled. That's why I keep finding myself at this truck. Gastro Punk takes something simple like a hot dog and add some punch to it like deep fried bacon and makes it something you would go out of your way for. Synopsis: mmm bacon.....

Gastro Punk Chili Smoked Shrimp
Chili Smoked Shrimp - $5

Chili rubbed shrimp skewers grilled perfectly and basted in a mango gastrique.  You get three large, fresh shrimp that are perfectly cooked. I find most shrimp are over cooked and tough. Gastro Punk gets them right so that they are still plump, juicy, and tender. The gastrique add a nice sweet and sour taste that goes so well with shrimp. Classically a gatrique is a caramelized sauce deglazed with an acid and then flavored. Fruit gastriques are all the rage these days it seems. Mangos are a good choice since they have plenty of natural acids for the sour component. Synopsis: You get big flavor from these shrimp.

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