Saturday, November 30, 2013

Foodgasm - Catfish and Shrimp Wings and Waffles

FoodGasm Truck, Houston TX
Truck: Foodgasm
Location: Karbach Brewing Company
Date: November 29, 2013

Finally caught up with one of the newest trucks in Houston, Foodgasm. Besides the dishes below that I actually tried I saw some very good looking double burgers coming out of the window. I also saw some good looking onion rings.

Karbach Brewing Company's Black Friday in the Biergarten was a perfect way to spend the afternoon. Great weather and the extended hours made for a very relaxed atmosphere, and well, made me hungry.

FoodGasm Truck - Fish and Shrimp
Catfish and Shrimp - $11

You get two large fillets of catfish and three "colossal" butterfly shrimp. Both the shrimp and catfish are breaded with spicy cornmeal. My guess is Tony Chachere's and lots of black pepper. That said it was perfect; just a little bit of heat and bite from the black pepper, not so much so you couldn't taste the food. The cornmeal dredge comes out nice and crispy and neither the fish or the shrimp was at all greasy. My only criticism is my shrimp were a little over cooked and tough. Both the shrimp and the fish were obviously fresh. Synopsis: Great food to go with a cold beer at the brewery.

FoodGasm Truck - Wings and Waffles
Wings and Waffles - $10

A hot fresh waffle dusted with cinnamon and sugar crystals and syrup on the side. Four wings done with a little heat in the dredge. The waffle was hot and fresh, but could have been a little crispier in my opinion. Crispier is just my preference, it wasn't under cooked at all, and it was light an fluffy. The wings were close to perfect, hot and cooked just right. Synopsis: Another great bar food dish for the brewery. 

FoodGasm Truck, Houston TX Menu

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