Friday, November 15, 2013

Churrasco Truck - Meat Lover's Sandwich and Three Meats Empanada

Truck: Churrasco Truck
Location: Houston Food Park, 1504 St. Emanuel
Date: November 15, 2013

Churrasco Truck Meat Lover's Sandwich
Meat Lover's Sandwich - $13

Three meats chopped and piled high on a fresh bolillo roll. This sandwich is loaded with homemade Brazilian sausage, pork sirloin, and I think picahna (beef). All of the meats are very tender and spiced perfectly. A bit of lettuce and pickled onion round out the sandwich. The finishing touch is homemade chimichurri sauce. Like all of Churrasco Truck's sandwiches, this thing is a monster, you could easily split it with someone (but its so good you might not want too!) The sandwich is a bit messy, but nothing you wouldn't expect from all theses savory meats. Synopsis: Get plenty of napkins and dig in!

Churrasco Truck Thee Meats Empanada
Three Meats Empanada - $3

This is new on the Churassco Truck menu, and its a keeper. Stuffed with three meats (I'm guessing the three meats from the meat lover's sandwich) and deep fried golden brown. Just like a pie crust made from lard, the fats from the meats seem to make this pastry incredibly tender and crispy. Topped with a bit of flavorful chimichurru sauce. Synopsis: I could eat of pile of these for a meal.

Churrasco Truck menu

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