Saturday, October 26, 2013

POCKet to Me - Pocket to Me and Falafel Wrap

POCKet to Me Food Truck
Truck: POCKet to Me
Location: Karbach Brewing Co, 2032 Karbach St.
Date: October 25, 2013

POCKet to Me sausage pita sandwich
Pocket to Me - $8

A pita filled with sausage, grilled onions, grilled sweet peppers and lettuce and tomatoes. Seasoned with BBQ sauce.This delicious sandwich leaves me confused in a good way. I seems healthy because its a pita, then it tastes like a BBQ sausage sandwich. Am I being good or bad? It's loaded with good country style sausage. The grilled onions and peppers are good left natural so they taste like peppers and onions. I love when the lettuce isn't iceberg lettuce too. Synopsis: Pretend its healthy, its still a great sausage sandwich.
POCKet to Me Falafel Wrap
Falafel Wrap - $7

A Mediterranean classic. Falafel are fritters made from ground chickpeas and/or fava beans. Usually the the patties have a healthy amount of parsley giving them a green tint. The falafel wrap has cucumber, lettuce, tomato, and tahini sauce. These falafel are near perfect. They come out light and very crunchy. Just enough of the vegetables and sauce to compliment and leave the falafel the star of the show. Synopsis: If you have never tried falafel, this is the one to try.

POCKet to Me fried mushroooms
Fried Mushrooms - $3

Fried mushrooms are actually hard to pull off. Water is the enemy of anything deep fried, and a mushroom is like 80% water. POCKet to Me solves the problem by using a thick batter that completely encases the mushroom. Somehow that batter stays light and doesn't get doughy. They come out of they fryer steaming hot, so watch out, each is filled with basically boiling hot mushroom broth. Served with ranch dressing on the side. Synopsis: A great version of a difficult treat.

POCKet to Me Menu

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