Friday, October 18, 2013

Kurbside Eatz - Crispy Belly Taco and Veggie Egg Rolls

Truck: Kurbside Eatz
Location University of Houston
Date: October 17, 2013

Kurbside Eatz Crispy Belly Taco
Crispy Belly Taco - $5

A paratha taco loaded with thick slices of pork belly, kimchi, lettuce, cilantro, spicy mayo and jack and cheddar cheese. There was a long line ordering and no one that I noticed ordered this. Maybe they don't know pork belly. Think of it here a big thick meaty slices of bacon. kimchi and lettuce round out the taco. Paratha is a southeast Asian flat bread, the name literally mean layers of cooked dough. It is crispy, flaky, and might just be the ultimate taco vehicle. Synopsis: This taco is a must try for a pork belly fan.

Kurbside Eatz Veggie Egg Rolls
Veggie Egg Rolls - $3

I took a chance that these wouldn't be some Sysco-like food service egg roll. I wasn't disappointed. These are a creation of Kurbside Eatz. To be honest a bit of carrot was the only veggie I identified. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of veggies, I just couldn't tell what ones. I also found glass noodles, and a surprise was American cheese. The cheese made the inside of these egg rolls very creamy, while the wrapper was very crispy and flaky. Synopsis: These egg rolls are a treat and a great change of pace.

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