Saturday, October 26, 2013

Flakeys Pizza - Vegetarian and Meat Lovers Slices

Flakey's Pizza Food Truck
Truck: Flakey's Pizza
Location: Houston Food Park, 1504 St. Emmanuel
Date: October 25, 2013

Trying to figure out this truck, their web and twitter presence seems too be all brick and mortar restaurant, but there is the truck parked at the Houston Food Park Friday. Lets hope they stick around, there just aren't enough pizza options in Houston Food Trucks.

Flakey's Pizza Vegetarian and Meat Lovers Slices
Vegetarian and Meat Lovers Slices - 3 for $6.50

For some reason this got to be a very confusing order.Something confusing about their ordering system. Anyway, on to the pizza. Good thin homemade crust, definitely old school and not like any chain pizza. Sometimes I think we all forget how good it is when done right. On the vegetarian slice I had fresh basil, peppers, lots of sliced kalamata olives, fresh mushrooms, and some onion I believe. This was well done, these kinds of kitchen sink pies can get over done and soggy, but while there was plenty of toppings it was still a crunchy slice.

I ended up with two meat lovers. Same great crust, this was topped with pepperoni, sausage and ham. Again not so much to make it soggy, but still plenty of toppings. Synopsis: Great old school classic pizza.

Flakey's Pizza Menu

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  1. I think perhaps it's not cooled so well. Oh man, $11 bucks $13 with bottle of water and I'm not feeling satiated. Food Truck Wedding