Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pho-jita Fusion - Pad Thai and Thai-males

Truck: Pho-jita Fusion
Location: Boneyard, 8150 Washington, Houston TX 77007
Date: September 11, 2013

Pad Thai - $9

A great version of the Thai classic. Pad Thai is a noodle dish made from rice noodles. Thai cooking is known for the balance of sour, sweet, salty, and bitter. Sour from the lime, sweet and bitter from the tamarind pulp, Salty from the fish sauce. Pho-jita nails it here. Lots of fresh bean spouts and green onions made this dish extra appealing. You have your choice of chicken or shrimp. I got shrimp and they were done just right and perfectly fresh. Synopsis: A great food truck version of classic Thai street food.

Thai-males - 2 for $8

This item on Pho-jita's menu has intrigued me every time I've looked at the menu. They are a version of Mexican tamales filled with Thai chicken basil.  I wasn't disappointed. The masa for the Thai-males was very light and pillowy soft. The chicken basil gives it some spice. The Thai mayo is a great sauce and the pico on the side was a perfect condiment. Synopsis: This is what Thai-Mexican fusion is all about.

Pha-jita Fusion Menu

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  1. Great truck and great owners! Highly recommend Pho-jita!