Monday, August 5, 2013

Taco Nuts - Chicken Licken Vixen and Caballero Loco

Truck: Taco Nuts
Location: Houston Food Park
Date August  2, 2013

Sorry for the late post, busy weekend and I'm just getting to finish reviewing lunch from Friday!

Chicken Licken Vixen - $4

Shredded Chicken, queso fresco, and sauteed baby Mexican squash served in a couple of corn tortillas. A simple taco loaded with squash so you can feel good about eating it. Very mild flavor. You'll want a little hot sauce or pico de gallo to heat things up a bit.

Caballero Loco - $5

Spicy shredded beef brisket, pickled onions, six pepper salsa, chili aioli and a punch of cilantro. Now this is a great taco. The pickled onions are good enough I'd like a bowl of them by themselves. You would think all the times pepper and chili made it into the description that this would be a "take the top of your head off hot" taco, but really the pepper/chili flavors are more rich and deep that hot. There is heat, but nothing too much for most people.Topped off with some fresh cilantro and this is a treat of a taco. Synopsis: Go head get three, you know you want them.

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