Monday, August 5, 2013

Gastro Punk - Fried Truffle Mac and Cheese Balls

Truck: Gastro Punk
Location: Houston Food Park
Date: 8/2/2013

Things just keep getting better and better at the Houston Food Park. Have to give a shout out to Zeapod Cakery for chatting with me at the park. I promise I will check you guys out soon, well as soon as I remember to leave room for dessert!

Fried Truffle Mac and Cheese Balls - $6

ok, just wow on these. I might have nit picked Gastro Punk on my previous review on them, but please don't charge a thing on these. When I ordered these i was expecting truffle oil, nope there were bits of real truffles in a great white Cheddar sauce. Breaded and fried crispy they were crunchy on th outside and luxurious and creamy in the center. served with a white sauce with a little Sriracha on top. You've got to appreciate a touch like making the Sriracha into a flower with a few strokes of a toothpick. Synopsis: Best cheese balls in Houston.

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