Saturday, July 27, 2013

Soul Cat Cuisine - Crab Balls and Sweet Potato Fries

Truck: Soul Cat Cuisine
Location, Karbach Brewery, 2032 Karbach St.
Date July 26, 2013

Crab Balls - 2 for $10

Two large fried crab balls, about the size of tennis balls. First the good. A good sized portion with lots of crab meat in them. Mildly spicy but didn't over power the crab. Served with a good remoulade with a little bit of heat to it. Again not so much to over power the delicate taste of the crab. Now for the bad. They were still cold in the middle and very greasy, there was a large amount of grease in the bottom when I had eaten some, not just spots, but actually pooled up.  There wasn't really a crisp on the outside either.I think the problem comes from the size of the balls and maybe the oil wasn't hot enough. Synopsis: Maybe I just tried the balls on a bad day.

Sweet Potato Fries - $4

Excellent hand cut fries, obviously cut by hand with a knife. Lightly breaded so they had a nice crisp on them and the crisp lasted until the last fry. A light dusting of seasoning, not spicy though. Synopsis: a great version of sweet potato fries.


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