Sunday, July 14, 2013

POCKet To Me - Fish Pocket and Spicy Fries

Truck: POCKet To Me
Location, MFAH, Bissonnet at Fannin
Date: July 14, 2013

Fish Pocket - $9

Cornbread battered tilapia, fried nice and crispy with coleslaw. The pita that this pocket came in was large and very fresh, maybe a light toast on the outside too. A nice touch, the pocket was loaded with the fish and plenty of it before the coleslaw was added. Too often I've had pocket sandwiches with the star ingredient sitting on top. Not this time, I got the great crunchy fish in every bite, right to the last one. The coleslaw was good, fresh with a light mayo sauce. Just enough to coat the slaw without making that nice fresh pita soggy. Synopsis: this would make a great light sandwich, except it huge!

Spicy Fries - $3

Straight up food service fries with a spicy dusting. The fries are nice and crispy and stayed that way.


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