Sunday, July 14, 2013

Monster PBJ - Classic

Truck: Monster PBJ
Location: The Menil Collection
Date: July 14, 2013

Classic - $5

So the deal is you build your own PBJ, but you have a lot of choices. Mine was wheat bread, almond butter, strawberry jam, banana, and en fuego spicy all panini grilled. The sandwich is huge, much larger than your average bread. mine had lots of creamy almond butter. I got tons of banana too. Having it grilled was a good choice, why don't we eat more hot bananas? I was really digging the en fuego spicy. The small bit of heat was really good with all the sweetness, I think this could become cloying without the heat. Synopsis: Not your mamma's PBJ 

Available in three sizes, Junior (half), Classic (2 slices of bread) and Monster (3 slices stacked!)


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