Wednesday, July 3, 2013

ChiLantro - BBQ Bowl and Kimchi Fries

Truck: ChiLantro
Location: SOAP, Richmond and Timmons, Houston, TX
Date: July 3, 2013

First time I've tried this truck. They were slammed with at least 10 customers waiting when I walked up. With in five minutes though they had my order in my hands and everyone in front of me had been served. I was impressed, not every truck does this good a job at crowd management.

BBQ Port BowlSteamed white rice topped with a ton of sweet and spicy BBQ pork shredded Cheddar/jack cheese, cilantro, and Korean soy vinaigrette salad. Reminded me of an amped up version of a Chinese lunchbox. The pork was delicious and just spicy enough to make me sweat. The cheese was used with restraint so it din't turn into a cheesy mess. The salad wilts pretty fast with the hot pork. Synopsis: A very tasty and filling dish, well executed.
Kimchi Fries
Food service fries topped with BBQ pork, caramelized kimchi, cheese, Spicy Orange Magic Sauce, and Siracha. The effect is like a BBQ stuffed baked potato. The BBQ makes it spicy and sweet, the Siracha adds it kick too. To be honest I couldn't find the "Spicy Orange Magic Sauce", but doesn't matter, these are good fries! Synopsis: Simply some of the best Kimchi fries I've tried.


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