Friday, June 28, 2013

Koagie Hots - Koagie Dog and Kimchi Fries

Truck Koagie Hots
Location 3000 Richmond, Houston, TX
Date: June 29, 2013

Koagie Dog, $7

:Large dog, seemed like mine was an all beef kosher dog, purple cabbage slaw, spicy mayo, and topped with rib-eye and a fried egg. With out a doubt this was the messiest dog I've ever eaten, the fried eye on top is just too slippery to stay in place. Personally I think this would work better with the egg under the dog. Slaw and mayo was good, and I liked he rib-eye, a little smaller chop would have again made this easier to eat. This is a good tasting dog, but you can't shy when eating it. Synopsis: Yummy, but don't wear your best shirt when you eat it.
Kimchi Fries, $6

A giant order of fries topped with kimchi, spicy mayo, feta, and scallions. Kimchi fries seem to be everywhere these days and they are becoming one of my favorites. I've reviewed Koagie Hots fries before on June 7, 2013, but I think it pays to revist a favorite from time to time. I was disappointed this time. My fries where luke warm at best, and I tried them as soon as I got them. the feta had a weird rubbery texture that I associate with over cooked tofu. Synopsis: I'll try them again because they were so good the first time.

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