Friday, June 7, 2013

Koagie Hots - Kimchi Kogie and Kimchi Fries

Truck: Koagie Hots
Location: Menil Collection, 1514 W. Alabama
Date: June 7, 2013

Kimchi Koagie - $9

Thin sliced ribeye, kimchi grilled onions, spicy mayo, and provolone cheese. This is a big sandwich, plenty to share. I was pleased to note the cook was using the classic method of preparing the ribeye for a Philly cheesesteak, chopping with the spatula while the meat is on the grill. Technique is everything in some foods, and I think especially in a cheesesteak. I wasn't disappointed. the meat was prefect, and I think had some sweet bbq sauce on it. The mayo and Kimchi was a nice spicy combination, not too hot, but pleasantly kicky for a heat head. Synopsis: About as close as I've ever had to a classic Philly Cheesestreak in Houston, but with a Korean twist.

Kimchi Fries - $6

I also tried the kimchi fries because I just need more spicy cabbage! Pretty standard food service fries dressed up with kimchi, spicy mayo, feta, and scallions. lots of flavors mirrored those of my Kimchi Koagie. A bit saltier though, and I don't think from the feta. These pretty thick fries could benefit from being fried crispier because they loose the crispy pretty fast with the mayo. The kimchi is chopped large so you get bites of kimchi alternating with the fries. The feta is actually the mild flavor here. This is a big serving and really is a meal by itself and not a side. Synopsis: Spicy, tasty and find someone to share with!

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  1. I'm Korean-American... This looks really good. You don't always feel like eating too greasy with standard deep-fried fries. These are <a href="'>good fries</a>. In Korean this dish is very amazing.. I also like Japanese Spicy Mayo.