Friday, June 21, 2013

Flip 'n Patties - Puet Burger and Flip 'n Fries

Truck: Flip 'n Patties
Location: Menil Collection, W. Alabama at Mulberry, Houston, TX
Date: June 21, 2013

Puet Burger - $9

Big dense burger on a steamed organic bun. The buns kinda look like a bao, but the texture is more like a traditional bun, get past the weird white color and its a really good bun. Truffle patties of grass fed beef. The beef was great, cooked through, tasty and not over done.Smoked pork butt instead of bacon and provolone cheese made for a sweet over the top bacon experience. Synopsis: If the white bun bothers you close your eyes and imagine burger heaven.
Flip 'n Fries - $7 ($1 off with burger or street food)

Thick cut homemade fries I think, fried very crispy so they stand up till the end. Topped with ground pork, cheese, a sweet and spicy mayo, and a generous amount of cilantro. These are over the top good and a meal to themselves. You can get them with chicken or beef too. the heat from the mayo is just right. At first it looked like just Siracha mixed with mayo, but its too sweet and there is much more going on here. Synopsis: these could be the best fry dish in Houston right now.

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