Friday, June 7, 2013

Flip 'n Patties - Chicken PuPu and Filipanada

Truck: Flip 'n Patties

Location: Montrose Market HEB, 1701 W. Alabama St.
Date: June 7, 2013

Chicken PuPu - $5

Bite size bits of chicken, with a crunchy batter and sweet soy sauce glaze. My fiance Donna described them best "It's meat candy". The hard crunch on the batter held up to the sweet sauce so the last bite was a crunchy as the first. Synopsis: Sweet candy for the carnivore. 
Filipanada - $2

A version of an empanada. this one is filled with ground grass-fed beef, veggies, raisins, and a wedge of boiled. egg. There was plenty of the savory filling. It was good on its own. The lava red sauce was not overly hot, but did have a nice kick. The star of this show is the pastry. It was amazingly light and flaky. You could not tell this was fried. Synopsis: An amazing version of an Empanada.

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