Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yummy'Z Kitchen - Porky's Delight

Truck: Yummy'Z Kitchen
Location, Soundwaves, 3509 Montrose, Houston, TX 77006
Date: May 9, 2013
Twitter @yummyzkitchen

I was out looking for another truck and spotted this new one on the Houston streets. The truck is all sparkly and new and it looks like they just got their permit on April 23, 2013 so I had to dive right in. Their menu is a burgers, dogs, and fries menu. They will be interesting to watch and see how the menu evolves. I can see a few things on the menu that could be added with a little effort, like truffle fries based on there good fresh cut fries, or a pulled pork croissant.

Porky's Delight

A 1/4 pound Hebrew National all beef hot dog on a lobster Challah bun, topped with Yummyz special sauce, bacon, bbq pulled pork, and homemade coleslaw.

I was confused by the menu and ordered this thinking I was getting a pulled pork sandwich. Ah well I like dogs too and can roll with it.Another bystander there told me they had made the same mistake in the past.

Good dog though, lots of bacon, but I had to look for the pulled pork, it was there but kind of got lost in the composition. The coleslaw was kind of rough chopped so it came out as a very chunky relish. Messy to eat and the large chunks of carrot are bit of a surprise.

This is a bit of a nit pick on my part, but when mine was prepared they really didn't open the bun up much so everything including the dog sits on top. This is a loaded dog with lots of stuff, would have helped if it was a little more "nestled down" in the bun so everything stays together.

Synopsis: be hungry when you order this dog, but don't wear your best shirt, its messy!

I had it with fresh cut fries. The fries were good and indeed fresh cut, blazing hot when they got to me.


  1. This food truck serves some amazing food! Get out there and try it, their gyro sliders, yummyz dog and fries are insane!! Follow them @yummyzkitchen to find out where they are going to be next, that's how I stalk them! Keep it up yummyz!

  2. We went over to Rice to check out Yummy'z last night (they were there even on a holiday)- they are there every Monday night. The food was wonderful - we had pork sliders, hamburgers and fries. Good job Yummy'z!