Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tacos Tierra Caliente - Taco Pastor

Truck: Tacos Tierra Caliente
Location: West Alabama Street at McDuffie, Houston, TX
Date: April 3, 2013

This truck used to be parked at the West Alabama Ice House, but was evicted when Papou Jerry's Gyro Truck moved in. No matter, its just moved across the street. I used to do laundry next door, people walk across the street for these tacos about 3:1 to the gyro truck...

Tacos al Pastor ($2)

Tacos al Pastor translates to "in the style of the shepherd", are a classic of the taco food truck. I got this "gringo style" with flour tortillas. They were loaded with lots of very tender spicy marinated pork. Very very spicy actually. The tacos were topped with plenty of cilantro and onions.

They came with a deep dark red hot sauce. Looked yummy. I like spicy so I tried it. WOW the sauce while good, is actually bottled lava I think. Talk about an endorphin rush!

Synopsis: Great Tacos, careful you don't get burned on the lava!

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