Saturday, March 2, 2013

Soul Cat Cuisine - Red Beans and Rice w/Sausage

Truck: Soul Cat Cuisine
Location: Karbach Brewing Co, 2032 Karbach Street
Date: March 1, 2013

Red Beans and Rice w/Sausage

I tried to order the Seafood Gumbo but they were out for the day and the operator suggested the Red Beans and Rice. I love good Red Beans and Rice so I went for it. The beans were cooked till they almost completely broke down to gravy. They spiced them with a lot of black pepper, I like a heavy hand on the black pepper so it was just right for me. I was told the beans where over dirty rice but it looked line plain rice. The sausage seems to be the same hot link used on the Hot Mess Soulwich which gave it a nice bright spicy note. I dipped my Sweet Potato Fries in the beans and that was great too, in fact let me suggest this to Soul Cat Cuisine, why not offer the a Soul Food Poutine, your great Sweet Potato Fries topped with your great Red Beans. Synopsis, these were some of the best red beans I've ever had.

We also tried on this trip the Soul Cat Soulwich and Sweet Potato Fries both of which I reviewed last week. I can say Soul Cat is consistent, the both were about the same, especially their excellent fries.

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