Sunday, March 10, 2013

POCKet to me - Houstonian Pocket

Truck: POCKet to Me
Location: Fort Bend Brewing Company, Missouri City, TX
Date: March 9, 2012

Houstonian Pocket ($8)

A pita with grilled beef, lettuce tomato, banana peppers, mustard and mayo While this sounded a lot like a burger in a pita it works so much better than that concept sounds. The lettuce was baby lettuce, which I like a lot better than regular iceberg shredded lettuce. Fresh tomatoes and crunchy banana peppers finish out the toppings. The grilled beef was super tender grilled strips that I'm sure were marinated in some secret blend of spices. Plenty of beef too. Synopsis: Get the large order of two, you're going to want a second one.

Fries ($3)

I wouldn't normally mention straight up plain fries like this, but these were just a little under cooked. Synopsis: I'll ask for the fries extra crispy next time to be sure.

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