Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy Endings - Kelly and Pork Asado Bao Tacos

Truck: Happy Endings
Location: Karbach Brewing Co.
Date: March 15, 2013

Pork Asado Bao Tacos (2 for $6)

Bao are an Asian steamed bun. These were light as a cloud and fluffy. This as my first time to try bao and I was afraid they would be doughy, but these are nothing but light and airy. The name asado is used a lot of ways in cooking. In much of the work it is bbq, but this more of the Mexican stew version. The pork asado filling in this case was a sweet dark stew of pork without much heat but tons of flavor. The tacos were garnished with a bit of scallion. My only wish for these tacos was that a serving had three instead of two! Synopsis: A better name for this dish would be Delicious Clouds of Pork.

Kelly Hot Dog ($7)

A large all beef hot dog on a fresh bun. Their website says they use Hawaiian sweet bread buns, but this didn't seem as sweet as many versions of Hawaiian bread are. The dog was topped with avocado and crushed potato chips. We added a drizzle of ketchup, the original is drizzled with lemon juice. As usual the the dog is the star here. The simple addition of avocado and chips works on this dog. Synopsis: Seems like something a kid would do with their dog, but all grown up here.

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