Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kurbside Eatz - Chicken Paratha Taco and Veggie Paratha

Truck: Kurbside Eatz
Location: University of Houston
Date: February 20, 2013

Chicken Taco on Paratha ($4)

Paratha is a super flaky flat bread originally from the Indian Subcontinent. I'd never tried it before and I have to say I'm sold on it as a taco delivery device. Think of it as a thick tortilla made from filo dough and grilled crispy on the flat top. Chicken was tasty and done perfectly. The cilantro, spicy mayo had just the right kick for a quick lunch bite. For my taste I would have liked more fresh cilantro on it. The cheese didn't seem to be there either. Synopsis: the paratha makes this, a great chicken taco

Veggies on Paratha ($4)

Another taco on paratha. My first bite of this messy taco was "wow the spicy honey sauce is really sweet". On my second bite on the dreary chilly day I tried this was "wow the the nice hot veggies really hit the spot". It all worked because it was so hot and took off the chill of the day. Synopsis: don't wear a white shirt for this, but its a real pick me up.

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